Come in. Take a seat. Lay back and put your feet up. Don’t forget to grab that beer from the fridge in the other room before you get too relaxed.

Are you in?

Ok. First and foremost…

Let’s absorb a little insight of the writer of this blog: Me. For those of you who are unfamiliar of the name, I am the notorious: THESTROKESNERD. You may find me [and follow if it fits your fancy] on several social media outlets, such as: twitter, instagram, and snapchat.

My name is Josh. I am a 30-year-old writer, bartender, husband, and father of an enthralling three-year-old boy. Aside from my rambunctious family, much of what fascinates and entertains my eyes and ears is greatly made up of sports, the arts, rock’n’roll, and opportunities to spread the great word of the path to righteousness: Rules 1&8.

The main focus of this blog is to expose the readers to a unique, unbiased interpretation of several topics and events within the fascinating wide world of sports and recreation. Some examples, if I must, include: “How Curry and the Warriors Made the NBA ‘Fun’ Yet Annoying”, “When will the Cubs ACTUALLY Win a World Series?”, and “Where are the Women Sports on TV?”. 

What drives me more than anything in this ever-so short life is the desire to balance every conversation with a reasonable debate. Without debate or alternative frame of reference, progress and knowledge is narrowed and limited. Honestly, different point of views and stances are essential for a healthy spirit. If we all followed the same system, praised the same gods, spoke the same language, this world would be an actual zombie apocalypse of the Bored.  So, if I offend or speak against your opinion, GOOD. I am doing my job and I am stirring a pot that shouldn’t sit still.

I know this blog will certainly be trumped by agenda driven websites, such as ESPN and Fox Sports, but I hope it can be a secondary option for those seeking an alternative perspective. All intentions are to deliver questions and topics that you won’t necessarily find on your bookmarked websites. Because I know that you know that I know that we all crave variety, this blog will stop at nothing to feed you hungry bastards. 

As a diversion from sports, I will also throw in a curveball topic once a week.  Whether it be music, movies and television, or  how fascinating it is to see the American Republican voters to have promoted “The Donald Trump” to the stature he currently resides, I will be adventuring to several avenues to seek enlightenment for all.

I am excited to begin this blog and reach out to a broader avenue of consumers than I have in the past. As a gesture of appreciation, I would like to speak out ahead of time and thank any of you who will continue to follow and read my blog. If you would like me to return the favor, I am more than willing to read and follow any blogs that are presented to me.

  • Josh


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