The best player-team make the NBA fun again…and it’s annoying.

A friendly message to the Golden State Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry: God spede.

On Monday, April 25, Curry was evaluated after slipping on the court in Game 4 against the Houston Rockets. He will be out at least two weeks with a Grade 1 MCL sprain. As good as the Warriors are and have been this season, to be without a team leader and a “highlight megastar” is definitely an athletic conundrum. To lose such a player with a god-like touch with a basketball for as little as two weeks is like taking a lonely journey through the forest sans compass and knife.

Luckily for the Warriors, they are very fortunate to have the numbers in their favor. Numbers are how they got here in the first place…

402. 116. 276. 1077. 73-9.

In the 2015-16 NBA regular season, Steph Curry nailed a total of 402 buckets from the three-point line–that’s an astonishing 116 more three-pointers than the previous record, owned by Steph Curry. To have a record not only beaten but DESTROYED, and it be your own, is mind-boggling. Teammate Klay Thompson was no slouch. Splash Brother Thompson followed iCurry’s footsteps by knocking down 276 of his own from the arch, third most of all-time.

This is profanity to old school basketball.

As a team, the Golden State Warriors knocked down a total of 1077 buckets from three-point land. To shoot from beyond twenty-two feet and make over a thousand buckets will result in a team going 73-9, a record that surpasses the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls for best all-time in a regular season.

Numbers. They tell it all. Numbers are what glue fans, young or old, to the television set. Numbers are the reason Whether you wanted them to break it or not, you were fascinated by the challenge and the excitement that surrounded the hoorah. Not one night could pass without watching the news and seeing the “Golden Boys of the NBA” run the highlight reel. They were the craze of the season.

If it’s not evident yet, the Warriors’ have become the ideal byproduct of the system that the NBA has subtly crafted. They are also an easy target for those bandwagon team hunters. Why? Because to market a team that can produce acrobatic, Globetrotter-like shots is as easy as popping popcorn. Not only that, it’s a eye candy for anyone near a court. It’s pure entertainment. It’s remarkable. But it’s annoying.

America, especially in the Bay Area, has drank the kool-aid and is pissing Blue and Gold.   Who could blame a person for not falling in love with a team that shoots the ball from half court without a second thought?

Nothing seems to go wrong [until last night] for these pompous pricks. Everything seems to go their way–even the calls. Now, before you jump on the hate train and find the remark unjust, let’s not forget how conceited and arrogant these players have become. Steph Curry strolls around with a smirk sharp enough to skin a fish. Early in the season, Klay Thompson straight up came out and tagged himself the best shooting guard of the NBA. [How honorable of you, Klay.]  Draymond Green is another professional self-promoter. It’s like pulling teeth to get the guy to share acknowledgement of respect towards any other player.

Although numbers and success give these guys grounds to stand on the top of the hill, it’s nauseating to listen and watch such a group of self-righteous stooges use a camera to advocate the toxic scent of vanity. Perhaps it’s just me and my vintage view of sportsmanship, but how difficult is it to be humble? Better yet, is this the fault of the consumer or the producer?

All that aside, it’s impossible to discredit the numbers, the records, and the magic that surrounds it all. A season like the one the Warriors and its fans have experienced is incredible. Few things will be able to compare. But…

…just like that,  it can all easily be flushed away due to a slip and a tweak. To have such a remarkable season be put on the line because of an injury to their “Achilles”, it’s almost unfair to watch.

Seeing Curry fall to the court when he did was real. A spark of shock, bewilder, and a touch of worry streamed through the veins of many. It certainly took the breath out of those Warriors’ fans, faithful or bandwagon. Questions of uncertainty begin to stew in the minds of many: “Is this just a minor injury or…” 

As little or as dramatic as any level of pain can reach, injuries are no laughing matter. To be hindered by such an act of reaching ultimate goals or success seems simply unfair. NBA fans have seen young talent go down early in their careers and either deter or completely destroy futures. [Grant Hill, Bill Walton, Penny Hardaway, Derrick Rose…] Let’s just hope this is just a mild setback for this possible great. Again, Steph Curry, God spede.

  • Josh.

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