Rumors have been floating around and flooding the media outlets for quite some time. For a glimpse moment, reality seemed to come off a bit fictional. Is it all a massive tease or are all of our dreams coming true? Lo and behold, one announcement laid everyone’s questions to rest.

Earlier this week, the Coachella organizers made it official and proclaimed…the Trip is happenin’. During the weekend of October 7-9, Indio, California will host one of the greatest music festival events of all-time. Ladies and Gentlemen…DESERT TRIP.



Considered as the miracle of miracles, Desert Trip will bring together the greatest collection of rock gods for one weekend only. If you were to ask anyone ten years ago if this would be probable or even conceivable, they’d laugh in your face. A concert this prestigious happens as often as a solar and lunar eclipse happening within the same day. IT NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL. Until this October…


THE ROLLING STONES – The Stones have lived past all expected time frames–music career, drug-induced highs, life expectancy…

This tongue stickin’, finger lickin’, honky tonkin’ band continues to defy the aging process and hasn’t found an end of rock. With every passing day, fans still scratch their heads and ask, “how long will Keith Richards continue live?”–as if to pose the unmentionable notion to say Keith possesses God-like powers in his exotic journey with drugs.

The Five: Mother’s Little Helper / Paint it Black / Cool, Calm & Collected / Something Happened to Me Yesterday / Beast of Burden

BOB DYLAN – The original, the one, the only, Bob Dylan. Being raised on blues and country music, Dylan incorporated much of his influences into rock n’ roll to form a unique interpretation of folk music. As he swept across the US with his acoustic guitar spreading the great truth of reality, Dylan stoned the minds of many [including the Beatles] with his poetry of heartbreak and political power.

The Five: The Times They Are A-Changin’ / Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright / Rainy Day Woman # 12 & 35 / Tonight I’ll be Staying Here with You / The Man in Me

PAUL McCARTNEY – He’s a Beatle! What more does one need to say?  As one of the most well-known names in the history of rock, Paul McCartney is a living legend. In just one decade, the Beatles climbed to an absurd level of fame that they were creating a higher level of music royalty. John Lennon put it best, “We’re more popular than Jesus.”

At their most pivotal stage of their tenure, the Beatles went on hiatus–only to reinvent themselves and come back even better than ever. In 1967, Paul, John, George, and that other guy introduced the single greatest album of all-time, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band.

Following his time with the Beatles, Paul McCartney flew the friendly skies and formed Wings. This gave him the opportunity to be that funky Beatle that was brewin’ within,

The Five: The Fool on the Hill / Eleanor Rigby / Let It Be / Maybe I’m Amazed / Band on the Run

NEIL YOUNG – As a member of TWO great classic rock bands [Buffalo Springfield & Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young] Neil Young is a living legend for multiple reasons. For one, Neil is a great musician. The second, he has been a dedicated contributor in the process of creating a healthier future. Between his fight for a greener Earth and digging for truth buried in political bullshit, Neil Young is everything right about a very wrong world.

The Five: For What It’s Worth / Expecting to Fly / Heart of Gold / Needle & the Damage Done / Rockin in the Free World

ROGER WATERS – As one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters played as bassist and co-sang for the legendary band. With Syd Barrett being the brains of the operation, Roger and the other members were the paramount tools. During Syd’s time with the band, they created a euphoric aura for music lovers. In the great depths of the process of creative art, Syd Barrett had a falling out and cornered himself into insanity. At this point, the band had no other options but to ask him to exit.

From there, David Gilmour took the reigns as lead singer. The band resumed and flourished as they embarked on the continuation of the story of Syd. In theory, Pink Floyd is/was the story of the beautiful mind of Syd Barrett and his unique journey. In some sense, Syd was both the Protagonist and Antagonist of their music.

The Five: Vegetable Man / Astronomy Domine / Brain Damage / Shine On You Crazy Diamond / Mother

THE WHO – Considered “The Loudest Band in Music” at one point, The Who created an uproar that caused rock n’ roll to consider bringing it up to “11”. With a flare of electrifying exuberance, the band would slam their guitars onto the stage then smash into the speakers. This level of intensity sent shockwaves into homes, spiking them into a disdain level of disgust from parents. From the youth, it only brought revered attention.

The Five: My Generation / Happy Jack / Love Reign O’er Me / Sparks / Boris the Spider


For over seven years, I have attended music festival at various locations in the US, including: Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Riot Fest, and Shaky Knees. In most of those cases, I purchased festival tickets weeks [even months] in advance in anticipation of a rock concert to go above and beyond and bring together the best of the best–only to be slightly let down year after year. The only rock festival that has even come close to rounding up a pleasing collection of rock bands as of recent has been Riot Fest, Chicago. [Thanks Lollapalooza for letting me down.] 

If you are a true fan of truly honest rock n’ roll, these three days unmissable. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t let it slip past.

Tickets will go on sale Monday, May 9th at 10am PST. Ticket prices will vary, starting with single-day passes at $199. If you’re looking to get into the pit for all three days, expect to be forking over at least $1,599.

For a roster this stacked, it would win any sports championship.

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