…heard ’round the world.”

Nowadays, this quote seems to have a different meaning. The original meaning…unfortunately.

Growing up, I always thought this quote referred to the home run hit by New York Giant Bobby Thomson off of Brooklyn Dodger Ralph Branca to win the 1951 National League Pennant. Possessing an innocent mind at the time, the greatest joys of my life consisted of baseball and candy bars. I knew nothing about the concept of money and power. Although my parents fought often about income and mortgage, it seemed to me that nothing was worth the risk of losing loved ones and the simple grounds of joy.

But life is strange.

As we become “legal” adults and enter this so-called “real” world, many of us subtly lose our grasp of innocence and fall victim to vicious concepts and theories of life such as greed, vanity, and power. We cave to the empty riches of the self pleasing. Most won’t even realize the faults of their own actions but contribute to the progressing buildup of the death of humanity. We become monsters of our dreams. A nightmare skewed by the teachings of the leaders above.  I have been no exception. The difference between right and wrong may seem black and white but the blind truth is the difference comes in camouflage of a shade of grey.

Where and when does it all go wrong? How does this even happen? Who and what imposed our brains to formulate the way that it eventually distorts to become a vicious monster of destruction?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. According to the norm understanding, it’s a natural reaction to fall victim to such a radical style of life.

Or is it?

On July 5th, 2016, a 37-year-old father by the name of Alton Sterling became a victim of such lifestyle. He was irresponsibly shot and killed by a police officer who had tackled and restrained him after short conversation. According to a report, the officers were responding to a report that the man was “acting threatening with a gun” outside a store. Because someone had shouted into thin air that the man was carrying a gun, the officer flexed his pointing finger and pulled a trigger of a gun he was holding to the Alton’s head. A trigger, of a gun, that killed a man in seconds.

Within 24 hours of this viral video being released ANOTHER video of a police officer radically acting on a trigger happy groove came to surface. In this case, the man had no gun. He had no weapon. He was simply reaching for his license. But the officer felt the necessity to gain control of the situation with his fun little toy. He acted as a God and took a life…

…with his gun.

Based upon the easy accessibility of news media and video feed, it is not relative for me to carry on with the story of Alton. Although I could slide in more detail and plug-in my personal feelings and thoughts about this singular situation, it will mean nothing. He is victim number 500 sum-odd of the year 2016 to fall victim to a police officer’s hot finger. According to the news, he is simply another victim to police brutality and unnecessary force. But to me, this is a propaganda of a special group of “beings” that continues to alter and control the human race.

This is a matter of an invention that has embodied the human race to the manifestation to seize the control of power without the regard to reason. Greed, hate, and vanity all of a sudden has risen from the grounds of the earth to become an essential necessity of life. Only for peace and love to fall victim like a numb leaf of a tree in the dead center of a Chicago winter.

Is this it? Is this what we want from our lives on earth? To live in fear and hate?

In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s opening stanza of “Concord Hymn”, he refers to the first shot of the American Revolutionary War as the “shot heard ’round the world”. It is a simple phrase that roots to the ugliness and makeup of the killing, slaying, and destruction of mankind. A War–a war that exemplifies and continues to stage the normality of mankind with the goal-driven concept that roots to three concepts: greed, vanity, and power.

I say this…

Consider a world without guns. What if we all abolished guns from mankind. Servicemen, Officers, pedestrians: throw every last weapon of destruction into a burn pile and allow the darkness to go up in flames.

Where are we then? Are we closer to becoming more reasonable? Are me closer to peace?

  • Josh.

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