In 2010, the San Francisco Giants won the world Series for the first time since making the move from the New  York. Then in 2012, they did it again. In 2014, yes, once more did they charged the mound to celebrate yet another World Series victory.

It is 2016. Is this streak SERIOUSLY continuing?

This is quite a strange occurrence in the history of repeating championships. Typically, when a team repeats, the pattern consists of a back-to-back rhythm. But nowhere [in the history of baseball] has a team repeated bi-annually for as long the Giants. It’s no secret either.

There currently is a trending theme going around the Giants’ media stream that raises awareness of this strange phenomena: #BELIEVEN. As if the Bay area Giants’ fans needed any more Journey in their lives…

So IF the San Francisco Giants were to win tonite in a one-game Wild Card playoff against the New York Mets, there would be a sudden gust of wind through Chicago that would be caused by an UNnatural force…a GIANT force, at that.

It would be easy to say that the Chicago Cubs will be in hope of a New York Mets’ victory tonight, but the numbers say otherwise. This season against the NY Mets, the Cubs have sadly won merely two out of the seven games played.Yet, against the Giants, the Cubs have bested the Giants [4-3]. As uncomfortable as these numbers read, Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon has a history of being in such pickles and finding success.

IF the Giants were find a way to win tonight, there would still be plenty of work laid out ahead of them. The Giants would need to get through a 100-win team from Chicago, defeat either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Washington Nationals, AND win four more in the World Series against an American League team. A tough road for any wild-card team to accomplish. But if any team possesses the resources and experience to do so, the Giants would be the team.

With two strong, experienced arms in pitchers Madison Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto, the starting rotation would be the last place of worry. The starting eight behind the mound isn’t so bad either. It includes: Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, Joe Panik, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, and Angel Pagan. All in which have found themselves in this situation.

In the words of Steve Perry…”DON’T STOP, BELI-EVEN!”

  • Josh.

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