The Fear and Loathing of the 2016 Pre-Selection Election.

Today is Election Day. You have the choice to voice your opinion. YOU HAVE THE POWER WITH VOTE!


  1. A three-headed monster with fire in her eyes.
  2. A toad with a pebble for a brain.

What in the world?!?! These are the two options provided for us to run our god forsaken country that is on the brink of losing grip of its identity? What kind of circus driven options are these for the leader of such a country?!? Don’t we have any other options?

Yes. His name is Bernie Sanders. Let me remind you that merely months ago we decided to flush out a direction of progress and void ourselves towards vanity.  We fell for the oldest trick in the book: instant pleasure. We had an amazing, honest fit for president provided for us…but we caved. We decided that we would rather sacrifice morals, dignity, and power in order to obtain the significance of voting for A FIRST!

The primaries exposed us and our faults like a wounded rabbit to the hawks in the skies. Knowledge is power and this country couldn’t be any weaker at this point in its history. The current masses of this country apparently consist of numb minded puppets focused on vain, vanity, or insanity.

[We have once again found ourselves at a fork in the road in the dark, cold desert. No water, no match; merely the option to die with dignity or make an offer with the devil.

So we live, what next?]


So there you are, America. You have your two options: a repeat criminal with no moral threshold who will stop at nothing to provide for the wealthiest of Wall Street OR a sexist, racist, unethical toad with ZERO political experience.

CONGRATULATIONS, AMERICA! You got what you wanted. Despite being provided with an honest, humble, intelligent, hard-working man out of Vermont [Bernie Sanders], you went with the bait. You succumbed to the instant pleasure and shall continue the slavery to the swines above. Given the perfect opportunity to alter America and bring REAL CHANGE within the government, you drank the kool-aid. Manipulated once again by the wealthy, you are about to be rewarded with either the very first female [puppet] president OR a money-hungry jackass who plans to swallow us up like Moby Dick.

Bravo, America.

  • Josh.


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