The Most Electrifying Show On Earth.

Well we have reached that time of the year in which we like to refer to as the PERFECT STORM OF SPORTS!!!

Between the NCAA March Madness Tournament, Opening Day of Major League Baseball, NHL & NBA playoffs begin, AND the legendary Masters Tournament! Talk about a month long orgy for the irresponsible sports addict…

But most will often oversee what can be considered the most electrifying event of the sports entertainment industry. The event in which the most asinine and bizarre series of events will lead the masses to scream to the top of their lungs, “HOLY SHIT!” It’s also the only sporting occasion when one can collect random athletes from other sports involved, such as Mike Tyson and Shaquille O’Neal. Have you figured it out yet? Well don’t worry, stress no more….



Oh. Didn’t know I was a professional wrestling fan? Do Now.

Now, before you jump on that boat of judging and suggesting pro wrestling is simply stupid, crazy, fake, and–STOP. Of course the script is written and the players play within the confines of the agenda but–isn’t it a weird coincidence that the New England PATRIOTS won the Super Bowl within months following 9/11…? Crazy…




Buy the ticket, take the ride. Tune IN and Freak OUT. April 2, 2017. This year’s card is HUUUUUGE. Here’s just a few matchups currently tabbed in the lineup:

WWE Universal Championship: Goldberg VS Brock Lesner

WWE Championship: Bray Wyatt VS Randy Orton

Undertaker VS Roman Reigns

RAW Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Charlotte VS Sasha Banks

SMACKDOWN Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss VS EVERYONE!!!!

WWE US Championship: Chris Jericho VS Kevin Owens


Some won’t see this as the most eye-popping, star-filled lineup in Wrestlemania history; but believe me, I see it going down as the most underrated cards.

and here’s why…

Top Five Bold Predictions that will MAKE Wrestlemania 33.

5. BAYLEY vs CHARLOTTE vs SASHA BANKS: Talent-wise, this is possibly the greatest women’s matchup in Wrestlemania history. Charlotte is considered to be a top-five greatest women WWE wrestler. Sasha Banks has already proven she is an elite show. Bayley is a HUGE fan favorite. This is definitely going to be a fun match.

4. Enzo Amore and Big Cass will FINALLY be Tag Team Champions: Talk about a heavy fan favorite and crowd pleaser. Not many WWE tag teams have come out and provided the type of show Enzo and Cass do. Does anyone remember Road Dogg and Billy Gunn from DX and their legendary run as tag team champions? Yeah, I went there. I draw a firm connection between the two and I can see it being the perfect time for Amore-Cass beginning their own reign.

3. Finn “The Demon King” Balor will return to the WWE: If you were one of the lucky ones to watch WWE Summer Slam in 2016, you would have witnessed one of the bravest performances by a WWE wrestler. Aside from the mind-boggling introduction before the match, Finn Balor held nothing back in pursuit to becoming a young staple of the WWE. During a title matchup [in which Balor won] against Seth Rollins, Finn Balor suffered a gruesome injury early on yet continued to fight through pain and provide an electrifying show for the fans. Few would have carried on as well as he did, let alone AT ALL. The next night, Finn Balor stood tall, humble, and proud as he relinquished the belt back to the WWE as was showered with applause from the millions of spectating fans.

2. AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon will be the Greatest Show on Earth: Huge Egos. Mega acrobatic skills. High Intensity of love AND hate for both WWE wrestlers. This is bound to be a classic performance!

1. Roman Reigns will retire Undertaker: If anyone knows anything about professional wrestling, it’s that the Undertaker is the most feared wrestler to have ever existed. The Deadman, as many refer to him, has been a staple to the WWE for quite some time.  But I believe this is his time.  As of March 24, Undertaker will be 52 and looks to be coming to the end of his career. Who’s to blame him if he was to go? The 300-LB big man has been wrestling since 1984! If I am right–and I hope I’m not–it will be unfortunate that we couldn’t see a young gun such as Finn Balor retire a legend. I’ll leave you with my ideal matchup that could [and SHOULD] happen if they want to properly retire the Lord of Darkness…





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