The Fear and Loathing of the 2016 Pre-Selection Election.

Today is Election Day. You have the choice to voice your opinion. YOU HAVE THE POWER WITH VOTE!


  1. A three-headed monster with fire in her eyes.
  2. A toad with a pebble for a brain.

What in the world?!?! These are the two options provided for us to run our god forsaken country that is on the brink of losing grip of its identity? What kind of circus driven options are these for the leader of such a country?!? Don’t we have any other options?

Yes. His name is Bernie Sanders. Let me remind you that merely months ago we decided to flush out a direction of progress and void ourselves towards vanity.  We fell for the oldest trick in the book: instant pleasure. We had an amazing, honest fit for president provided for us…but we caved. We decided that we would rather sacrifice morals, dignity, and power in order to obtain the significance of voting for A FIRST!

The primaries exposed us and our faults like a wounded rabbit to the hawks in the skies. Knowledge is power and this country couldn’t be any weaker at this point in its history. The current masses of this country apparently consist of numb minded puppets focused on vain, vanity, or insanity.

[We have once again found ourselves at a fork in the road in the dark, cold desert. No water, no match; merely the option to die with dignity or make an offer with the devil.

So we live, what next?]


So there you are, America. You have your two options: a repeat criminal with no moral threshold who will stop at nothing to provide for the wealthiest of Wall Street OR a sexist, racist, unethical toad with ZERO political experience.

CONGRATULATIONS, AMERICA! You got what you wanted. Despite being provided with an honest, humble, intelligent, hard-working man out of Vermont [Bernie Sanders], you went with the bait. You succumbed to the instant pleasure and shall continue the slavery to the swines above. Given the perfect opportunity to alter America and bring REAL CHANGE within the government, you drank the kool-aid. Manipulated once again by the wealthy, you are about to be rewarded with either the very first female [puppet] president OR a money-hungry jackass who plans to swallow us up like Moby Dick.

Bravo, America.

  • Josh.




In 2010, the San Francisco Giants won the world Series for the first time since making the move from the New  York. Then in 2012, they did it again. In 2014, yes, once more did they charged the mound to celebrate yet another World Series victory.

It is 2016. Is this streak SERIOUSLY continuing?

This is quite a strange occurrence in the history of repeating championships. Typically, when a team repeats, the pattern consists of a back-to-back rhythm. But nowhere [in the history of baseball] has a team repeated bi-annually for as long the Giants. It’s no secret either.

There currently is a trending theme going around the Giants’ media stream that raises awareness of this strange phenomena: #BELIEVEN. As if the Bay area Giants’ fans needed any more Journey in their lives…

So IF the San Francisco Giants were to win tonite in a one-game Wild Card playoff against the New York Mets, there would be a sudden gust of wind through Chicago that would be caused by an UNnatural force…a GIANT force, at that.

It would be easy to say that the Chicago Cubs will be in hope of a New York Mets’ victory tonight, but the numbers say otherwise. This season against the NY Mets, the Cubs have sadly won merely two out of the seven games played.Yet, against the Giants, the Cubs have bested the Giants [4-3]. As uncomfortable as these numbers read, Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon has a history of being in such pickles and finding success.

IF the Giants were find a way to win tonight, there would still be plenty of work laid out ahead of them. The Giants would need to get through a 100-win team from Chicago, defeat either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Washington Nationals, AND win four more in the World Series against an American League team. A tough road for any wild-card team to accomplish. But if any team possesses the resources and experience to do so, the Giants would be the team.

With two strong, experienced arms in pitchers Madison Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto, the starting rotation would be the last place of worry. The starting eight behind the mound isn’t so bad either. It includes: Buster Posey, Hunter Pence, Joe Panik, Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford, and Angel Pagan. All in which have found themselves in this situation.

In the words of Steve Perry…”DON’T STOP, BELI-EVEN!”

  • Josh.


…heard ’round the world.”

Nowadays, this quote seems to have a different meaning. The original meaning…unfortunately.

Growing up, I always thought this quote referred to the home run hit by New York Giant Bobby Thomson off of Brooklyn Dodger Ralph Branca to win the 1951 National League Pennant. Possessing an innocent mind at the time, the greatest joys of my life consisted of baseball and candy bars. I knew nothing about the concept of money and power. Although my parents fought often about income and mortgage, it seemed to me that nothing was worth the risk of losing loved ones and the simple grounds of joy.

But life is strange.

As we become “legal” adults and enter this so-called “real” world, many of us subtly lose our grasp of innocence and fall victim to vicious concepts and theories of life such as greed, vanity, and power. We cave to the empty riches of the self pleasing. Most won’t even realize the faults of their own actions but contribute to the progressing buildup of the death of humanity. We become monsters of our dreams. A nightmare skewed by the teachings of the leaders above.  I have been no exception. The difference between right and wrong may seem black and white but the blind truth is the difference comes in camouflage of a shade of grey.

Where and when does it all go wrong? How does this even happen? Who and what imposed our brains to formulate the way that it eventually distorts to become a vicious monster of destruction?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. According to the norm understanding, it’s a natural reaction to fall victim to such a radical style of life.

Or is it?

On July 5th, 2016, a 37-year-old father by the name of Alton Sterling became a victim of such lifestyle. He was irresponsibly shot and killed by a police officer who had tackled and restrained him after short conversation. According to a report, the officers were responding to a report that the man was “acting threatening with a gun” outside a store. Because someone had shouted into thin air that the man was carrying a gun, the officer flexed his pointing finger and pulled a trigger of a gun he was holding to the Alton’s head. A trigger, of a gun, that killed a man in seconds.

Within 24 hours of this viral video being released ANOTHER video of a police officer radically acting on a trigger happy groove came to surface. In this case, the man had no gun. He had no weapon. He was simply reaching for his license. But the officer felt the necessity to gain control of the situation with his fun little toy. He acted as a God and took a life…

…with his gun.

Based upon the easy accessibility of news media and video feed, it is not relative for me to carry on with the story of Alton. Although I could slide in more detail and plug-in my personal feelings and thoughts about this singular situation, it will mean nothing. He is victim number 500 sum-odd of the year 2016 to fall victim to a police officer’s hot finger. According to the news, he is simply another victim to police brutality and unnecessary force. But to me, this is a propaganda of a special group of “beings” that continues to alter and control the human race.

This is a matter of an invention that has embodied the human race to the manifestation to seize the control of power without the regard to reason. Greed, hate, and vanity all of a sudden has risen from the grounds of the earth to become an essential necessity of life. Only for peace and love to fall victim like a numb leaf of a tree in the dead center of a Chicago winter.

Is this it? Is this what we want from our lives on earth? To live in fear and hate?

In Ralph Waldo Emerson’s opening stanza of “Concord Hymn”, he refers to the first shot of the American Revolutionary War as the “shot heard ’round the world”. It is a simple phrase that roots to the ugliness and makeup of the killing, slaying, and destruction of mankind. A War–a war that exemplifies and continues to stage the normality of mankind with the goal-driven concept that roots to three concepts: greed, vanity, and power.

I say this…

Consider a world without guns. What if we all abolished guns from mankind. Servicemen, Officers, pedestrians: throw every last weapon of destruction into a burn pile and allow the darkness to go up in flames.

Where are we then? Are we closer to becoming more reasonable? Are me closer to peace?

  • Josh.


A journey through the neighborhood reminded me of how empty the mind, the body, and soul can leave a human being. Between the walk from my front door to the entrance of a local supermarket, a far and distant desert stretched the imagination far enough to flush out any beloved memory of life.

Looking to the left, then the right, the wind decided the fate of the steps that awaited. When looking for directions, most humans will embrace the inner voice for encouragement. But today seemed like a day to follow the influence of mother nature.

Within each step resided a thought that proclaimed its independence–like popcorn. Why is this dog barking at me as if he has never seen me? When will the next raindrop present itself to the LA area? If tomorrow was to come, will the bombardment of the monthly rent strangle me into a frantic state of confusion?

I look to the skies to see if the piercely lit sun is still tagging along. The damn thing is so bright, I haven’t seen it in years. But it still sticks by me whether I like it or not.

From the distance left, I hear the banter of an old married couple. “You’ll never be able to turn over the engine,” decries the wife. “You’ve been working on that damn thing for over six months now. Give up on it, Frank.”

The husband’s only response was to wipe away the grease from his hands and plunge himself into a thirst quenching shotgun of Miller High Life.\\ He knew the answer to the problem. Just take the malicious banter and sip on the old medicine to ease the rash.


A bird swoops across my path and lands just to my left. It pecks away at a piece of baguette that was tossed away within the morning. If not for this piece of bread, would lunch be a stack of blueberries slumbered with mold or perhaps a stale, tasteless remains of a McDonald’s french fry basket? Sure enough, the bread compensated for the hunt.

Ahead of me, a mother and her son stroll past me. Because of my lack of routine refreshment of the Spanish language within the past five years, I found it difficult to keep up with the basis of the conversation. Shame on me. But based on the attitude of the child and the smile on the mother, I sensed it to be an elementary introduction and enjoyment of a new day. Sweet bliss. He tosses a ball in the air and challenges himself to catch it midway–each time he fails. Spectating, I smile and lend my appreciation of the moment to the withered mother. She shares a chuckle as if she needed the recognition baaaadly.

The two carry on, as do I.

Within moments, I’ll round a sharp corner and pass two distinguishably diverse churches that reside as neighbors. With each trip, I catch myself walking lightly as I pass the two as if I’m strolling through a burial ground. To be honest, I’m not completely wrong. Is it out of respect or admiration? I don’t know. An extreme conformity to recognize a religion has always been an odd thing to me but I’ve always respected the grounds of those practices–with the understanding that’d share this respect.

Approaching the fourth of four intersections along a somewhat routine walk to the market, I found myself waiting on a car blaring an unfamiliar freestyle rap beat. [Just typing the previous sentence I catch myself questioning the existence of the youth within me.]

As I finish the remaining stretch, I am reminded of how unbalanced this world finds itself. A hand quivers and stretches out for another hand. A jacket once owned by another finds itself on a back that cries for a roof.

How the world can turn so quickly without any notification or physical vibration…


Today is the celebration of the most important woman of one’s life–the mother. Without the mother, one does not exist. We are all merely a thought without her.

The mother is a gift in all of our lives, in one facet or another. She provides warmth, encouragement, devotion, intellect, guidance, bravado, forgiveness, and sometimes, simply presence. In most cases, this is unconditional–no prior agreements, no contracts, no obligations.

Many of us take this love and appreciation for granted. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, not enough recognition is paid forward to these women. They are a blessed foundation to every single one of us.

With absolute humbleness, I thank each and every mother for her will and desire.

In honor of all mothers, I will countdown my favorite moms–in the fashion of song and in interpretation through television.


5. Jean Weir – Freaks and Geeks. Coming in as a pick from leftfield, Mrs. Weir was always open and loving to such an oddball collection of kids.

4. Thelma Harper – Mama’s Family. This is certainly a bias nomination. Growing up on watching Mama’s Family in the morning, Thelma always gave me a chuckle. Perhaps she reminded me of my very own mother.

3. Linda Belcher – Bob’s Burgers. Some may want to credit The Simpson’s Marge Simpson or Family Guy’s Lois Griffin as the best animated mother, but Linda couldn’t be more spot on in realism. In addition, she reminds me immensely of my own Wife/Jack’s Mother, Kate.

2. Sophia Petrillo – The Golden Girls. No mother on television is as genuine in her ways as Sophia.

1. Kitty Forman – That 70’s Show. Without a doubt, the funniest mother on television.


5. “Mother’s Little Helper” – The Rolling Stones. Although a depressing message, this song provides a subliminal, upbeat tune. Catchy, yet sad.

4. “Your Mother Should Know” – The Beatles. Propped in the middle of an album that walks in hand with one’s journey through a psychedelic state, the Beatles beautifully remind us you are who you are because of your mother.

3. “Mother” – Danzig. In 2015, the first Mother’s Day following my Mother’s passing, Ryan Adams covered this song at Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. It brought me to tears. It was such an amazing performance.

2. “Mother” – John Lennon. As a very intimate confessional track, John provides insight to the long and windy road of lonesomeness.

1. “Mother” – Pink Floyd. Hands down, the most desolate phase of a melancholy. To envision a memory of the woman who brought life and it remain a memory is disheartening.

Life begins with one person. Mum.

  • Josh


My intent of today was to cover the upcoming Kentucky Derby which is taking place this weekend. But in respect and in honor of the great Hunter S. Thompson, who covered it better than any journalist has and forever will…

Enjoy, you Swine: kddd

Note: I suggest reading the article while listening to something nostalgic. Perhaps some Velvet Underground. Or Janis Joplin.

  • Josh